Issue 4 – Gripped

biteme_issue4_cover-backHands Up  for Issue 4 of BITE ME! Featuring a cover story on Rick Owens, we delved into the his thoughts on immortality, control and what he loves to touch. Its mirrored by another interview with Michèle Lamy, his wife and muse, which is equally enlightening. Both were photographed by the brilliant Ren Hang.

We worked with new faces and familiar ones to bring this issue to life. The contributors looked into the many ways we rely on our hands and use them to add style and flair to our expressions. This issue has work from Maurizio Cattelan/Toiletpaper, Gasius, Misha Hollenbach, Marlon Rueberg, Jane Ormond, Kathryn Lefroy and many others.

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